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 Build 001
1976 Ducati 350 Paul Smart Replica 

With the construction of the B-Art Originals 001, we at Due Tempi Vintage Mechanics are ushering in a new era!

After closing our workshop in November 2023 for general repairs and maintenance, time became available to take a new path with our company.

That path led to a first assignment with the rebuilding and customizing of a 1976 Ducati GTL 350 wich was worn out on the circuit!

In consultation with our customer, we transform the 350 GTL into a Paul Smart Replica Racer with its own B-Art twist.

Below we proudly show the final result of this first assignment!

In addition to the necessary repair work on the frame, we also took care of the complete electrical system and a mild overhaul of the engine. As soon as the engine was up and running again, we put the icing on the cake by working on the original Boranni rims and bringing the cosmetic side of the story to a beautiful end result!


General info & Build figures:

Brand: Ducati

Model: GTL 350

Year of construction: 1976

Project period: winter 2023 - 2024

Construction time: 6 months

Used colors:

Frame: DTVM Flash Green

Bodywork: DTVM Metallic Sparkle Silver

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